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Art Direction 

Copy Writing 

Multi Media  


The client brief comes from BMW and asks students to create campaigns that increase awareness and create demand for BMW Connected App. 

My team brought awareness through generated integrated content for BMW users to show their lives could be simpler using the BMW Connected App at the touch of their finger tips. 


Levi Robert, Logan Sheets, Timothy Carvalho & Emma Kenline : Art Director 

Kendra Bergman & Chelsea Benninger : Copy Writer 

Ali Bassir and Omid Seraj :

Digital Artist / Multi Media 

Coleman Mason : Film 

Car Front
BMW : Baby Monitor 

A car like the BMW 5 Series is more than something you drive, it’s precious. Like a baby.

It actually is your baby. 

So take care of your car like you would a baby using BMW Connected; a system for monitoring and bonding with what matters most...your BMW. 

Merit Award
for Young Ones 
Shift Your Mentality

A forward-backward script demonstrates how BMW ConnectedDrive helps simplify and assist everyday life.

Connected Commute

BMW brings awareness of the BMW Connected App in everyday life to all drivers on the road.   

First Class Connect

BMW pioneered a connected, German experience and a free BMW giveaway rental upon flight arrival. In-flight entertainment systems on the plane ride there featured BMW ConnectedDrive technology, allowing passengers to interact with the interface 1v1. Travelers got to review must-see sights and authentic German establishments in advance.

Replacing Jarvis 

To show off the unique feature of the BMW ConnectedDrive. The BMW brand becomes the official car for the Avengers. The campaign tells multiple character driven stories from Tony Stark's point of view leading to upcoming Marvel movie premiers. Audience engagement on all levels is rewarded, including one lucky winner of a new BMW 5 Series.  

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